Hello and welcome to the Khoury College of Computer Sciences! Khoury has infrastructure in place that is separate from the Central University so there are a few things that you need to know in order to access our resources. Please use the categories below to get started.

Getting your Khoury account

Khoury College maintains a separate account system for access to certain resources specific to the College.

Your Khoury account is used as a mail forward from your @ccs.neu.edu email address to your @northeastern.edu or @husky.neu.edu email address, logging into our Linux and Windows machines, and access additionalKhoury resources available to our users.

You can request aKhoury account by visiting the Khoury Account Portal and following the instructions to apply for an account.

At present you can:

If you have any questions please contact a member of the Systems Group in room 312WVH, or via email at khoury-systems@northeastern.edu.

Access to NUwave or Eduroam

Wireless is available in allKhoury facilities. You can access wireless via NUwave, eduroam, and NUwave-Guest

Khoury Systems Knowledge Base

The Khoury Systems Knowledge Base contains helpful guides for accessing and utilizing computing resources provided by the college.