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With security issues impacting many aspects of everyday life, Internet security has become an important part of our world. Although there is a considerable body of knowledge regarding tools and techniques to protect networks, less information is available about their vulnerabilities and how they are exploited. At Khoury College, we work in all areas of computer security, including cryptography, networks and systems, and cyber-physical systems. Through deep understanding of the details of Internet-based attacks, we can better design, implement, and replicate secure systems across industries.

Areas of investigation:

  • The security of mobile systems
  • Wireless and distributed systems
  • Security and privacy of cloud computing
  • Systems security – such as malware analysis and detection
  • Software security
  • Privacy – including privacy concerns in social networks
  • Network security
  • Cryptography
  • Security analytics
  • Cyber-physical security

Through interdisciplinary research that encompasses network, system, and software design, Khoury is educating the computer security workforce of the future. Our programs combine a strong fundamental understanding of computer science principles and the security of Internet-based systems. In many classes, laboratory exercises prepare students for issues they will face in practice.

Notable achievements:

  • Khoury became one of the nation’s first to be designated as a Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Operations by the NSA.
  • Two Khoury PhD students, together with their adviser, beat 90 academic and industry teams to win the 2013 DARPA Spectrum Cooperative Challenge.
  • Our researchers founded Lastline Inc., a Silicon-Valley based company that specializes in detection and prevention of advanced targeted malware.
  • Khoury has been awarded a multimillion-dollar grant from NSF to train students as cyber security professionals under the SFS Cyber Corps program.
  • Khoury co-directs the International Secure Systems Lab, a collaboration between European and U.S. researchers focused on systems security.
Research Area - Security