General Program Questions


How long are Khoury’s MS programs?

All programs within our college take 2-2.5 years to complete. Our programs can be completed in 2 years without co-op. With a co-op, it can take 2.5 years. The difference lies in credit hours and completion of a co-op.

The MSCS, MSCY, MSAI, & MSDS programs are 32 credits total.

The Align program is 44 credits. This consists of two semesters of rigorous academic bridge courses and two semesters of Master’s level core courses and electives.

Full-time students typically take two 4-credit courses per semester. Part-time students take one four-credit course per semester, lengthening their time to degree to 3-3.5 years

I have a 3-year Bachelor’s degree. Can I apply?

As long as the three year degree is a complete Bachelor’s degree, students are welcome to apply.

I majored in ________. Can I apply?

We do not require any specific undergraduate program in order to apply for our programs, only specific background knowledge and experience. Please review the individual program requirements for the program of interest here.

Will I be eligible to participate in co-op?

Yes, all of our Masters students are eligible to participate in co-op during their time in Khoury. Please visit the co-op website for more information on academic eligibility requirements.

Are your MS programs STEM certified for post-grad OPT?

Yes, all of our Masters programs are eligible for post-grad OPT.

I am enrolled in a graduate program at a different college/university. Can I transfer to Khoury?

Transfer applicants follow the same process and timeline as any other applicant for admissions. Admitted students should inquire with their Khoury program adviser on the transfer credit process. Please note that we will not evaluate courses for transfer until the student has arrived on campus for the start of their first semester. Read more about our transfer credit policy here.

I am enrolled in a different college at Northeastern. Can I transfer to Khoury?

Internal Northeastern transfer applicants follow the same process and timeline as any other applicant for admissions. Unlike undergrad, the process is more like changing schools than changing majors – as such, we ask that applicants complete the full application process.

What happens if I want to switch campuses part of the way through my program?

Students are eligible to transfer campuses after two semesters of successful study (minimum GPA of 3.0). Students work with academic advisors to initiate and complete the transfer.

If I am accepted, can I defer my admission?

Students may defer their admission for two semesters by contacting the Khoury admissions team via phone or email. After deferring two semesters, we ask that students complete the application process again, as we are constantly updating our program requirements and review process.

Can you tell my why my application was rejected?

The application review process is holistic and, very often, a number of internal and external factors contribute to a given decision. As such, decisions are final and deliberations are private to the committee. We cannot comment on why any given application was rejected.

Can you reconsider my application?

All decisions issued by the admissions committee are final. Unfortunately, we WILL NOT process requests for reconsideration.

Do you have any informational events?

Please check back here for future webinars!


Application Questions


COVID19 Update: While TOEFL and IELTS tests are unavailable due to ETS testing center closures, we will accept the Duolingo English test – with a minimum score of 123 – as proof of English proficiency.


How do I apply for an application fee waiver?

Unfortunately, Khoury College does not provide application fee waivers. We hope students will find other ways to support the submission of their applications.

Can I apply to more than one program?

For each program of interest, please submit a new application. Applicants will need to use an alternate email address to create a second account.

Can I apply to more than one campus?

Students may list two campuses as their primary and secondary preferences. However, the application serves for all campuses and will be considered for all available locations.

How do I check the status of my application?

Applicants can view the most up-to-date status of their application on the ApplyYourself portal after submitting their application. We ask that applicants please refrain from emailing the admissions department to check on the status of their application.

Do my transcripts need to be evaluated through WES (or equivalent service)?

No, international transcripts do not need to be WES-evaluated. However, they do need to be translated into English by the reporting institution (not the applicant).

Do I need to convert my GPA to a different scale?

No. Applicants should record their GPA as written on the transcript and specify the GPA scale in the designated space on the application. The Khoury admissions team has established reading standards for all international GPA scales.

Can I apply for a GRE waiver?

We are currently waiving the GRE requirement for the Spring 2021, Fall 2021, and Spring 2022 application terms.

For applicants to MS in Computer Science, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence, the GRE can be waived for students with 10+ years of work experience.

Cybersecurity applicants are eligible for the GRE waiver after 7 years of experience. To qualify, applicants must submit their applications in its entirety first. Afterward, they will be reviewed by the admissions committee. If eligible, they will be granted a GRE waiver.

Toronto Cybersecurity applicants will be required to take a hands-on Linux test after they have submitted a preliminary application. A GRE waiver will be granted if the applicant passes the Linux test and if the admissions committee determines that the applicant’s work experience and technical background is sufficient.

To apply for a GRE waiver, applicants may email their resume to (Note: Align does not require the GRE).

Is the GRE required for Align?


Will you superscore my GRE?

Yes. The GRE score report generally shows every test an applicant has ever taken, broken down by section. We will consider the highest score received in each section (Quant, Verbal, AW).

Do you accept the GMAT instead of the GRE?


Can you waive my TOEFL/IELTS?

The TOEFL or the IELTS is required of ALL international students. The only circumstances under which it is not required is for international students who received a bachelor’s or doctoral degree from an English-speaking institution, in an English-speaking country. 2+2 programs (in which students spend two years in a non-English-speaking university then transfer to a university in an English-speaking country) do not qualify for a waiver.  Unfortunately, Masters degrees also do not qualify for a TOEFL/IELTS waiver.

Will you superscore my TOEFL/IELTS?

No. We are aware of the new TOEFL MyBest Scores option – however, we will not accept this option. Please submit a single test in its entirety.

What if my scores are expired?

Applicants may submit test scores as long as they are still valid on the day of application submission. It is fine if they expire by the time of admission to the program.

Do you need my official scores/transcripts?

We do not require a student’s official scores or official transcripts until after they are admitted to the program. Please do not send official scores or official transcripts before receiving a decision.

What counts as “official”?

Official test scores come directly from the reporting agency – ETS for GRE and TOEFL (code 3679) and British Council for IELTS. Official transcripts must come either directly from the reporting institution (electronically or by mail) or sent by the student in a certified, sealed envelope to our main Boston campus.

If you have accidentally sent your ETS scores to code 3665, please contact the College of Engineering at to have your scores transferred to Khoury.

Is there a page/word limit for the Statement of Purpose? Does Align have a Statement of Purpose?

The SOP has a maximum of 1000 words (no page limit). Align does not require a SOP and instead has three essay questions that can be found here.

What are the requirements around Letters of Recommendation?

We do not require LORs to be on official letterhead.  Recommenders may use their personal email addresses to submit the LOR (an “official” email address is not a requirement).  Interfolio is not acceptable – LORs must be sent through the ApplyYourself system.


Regional Campus Questions


Can I complete a co-op at the regional campuses (including Canada)?

Yes! All MS students can go on co-op as long as they meet the eligibility requirements (see the bottom of this page).

Is the curriculum/degree the same at the regional campuses?

Yes – all students within a given program receive the same degree and work within the same curriculum/program requirements.

Will my diploma list my campus?

No – degrees and diplomas are identical across our regional locations.


Financial Aid Questions


How much is the program?

Current tuition rates are: $1,602 (per credit hour) for MS in CS, MS in CS Align, and MS in AI; $1,509 (per credit hour) for MS in Cybersecurity; $1,665 (per credit hour) for MS in Data Science.  32 credits are required for completion of most MS degrees (note, Align is 44 credits). This is tuition only. Other university associated fees are outlined here or on the Student Financial Services webpage.

Can I apply for merit scholarships?

Currently, the Align and Cybersecurity programs have their own specific scholarships for which students are automatically considered.  Our other Master’s programs do not offer merit- or need-based scholarships at this time.

Do you honor the Double Husky?

Yes! If an applicant has a Northeastern Degree (from Khoury or otherwise), they will receive a 25% tuition discount.  Any NEU alum is eligible, international or domestic.

Do you honor Fulbright or other fellowships?

Yes – please contact us for specific questions.

Are there graduate assistantships for MS students?
We do not offer assistantships for master’s students, but there are often campus-based jobs and teaching assistant positions available.