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472 West Village H


  • BE, Tsinghua University

About Me

What are the specifics of your graduate education (thus far)?

I am taking PhD required courses while doing a research project under the guidance of Professor Ehsan Elhamifar and Professor Lu Wang.

What are your research interests in a bit more detail? Is your current academic/research path what you always had in mind for yourself, or has it evolved somewhat? If so, how/why?

My current research project is multi-modal procedure learning for video summarization. More specifically, it is to summarize the key steps of instructional videos using both visual and language data.

What’s one problem you’d like to solve with your research/work?

I would like to figure out a method to bridge the gap between visual and language data and take advantages of both data for video summarization.

What aspect of what you do is most interesting/fascinating to you? What aspects of your research (findings, angles, problems you’re solving) might surprise others?

I have been interested in machine learning as well as its application in multiple fields. What fascinates me most is to understand the inner mechanism of machine learning and develop stable AI algorithms for real-life problems.

What are your research/career goals, going forward?

My career goal is to become a researcher in an industrial or academic lab.