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Natural Language Processing (NLP) researchers at Northeastern are building innovative semantic systems to tackle ever-increasing volumes of written and spoken language. Working from large, real-world data sets that include billions of web pages, social media posts, and digitized historical books and newspapers, researchers are building tools that transcribe and transform terabytes of written and spoken text into structured databases that can be searched and utilized by computers in new ways. This work is having a dynamic effect on the way humans and computers interact.

Areas of investigation:

  • Summarization
  • Information retrieval
  • Machine translation
  • Social dynamics of language
  • Inferring latent social networks
  • Brain signal transcription

Within Khoury College, NLP collaborates closely with researchers in network science, signal processing, computational social science, and digital humanities. Students engage in real-world research efforts that encompass machine learning, data mining, and information retrieval, all with the goals of building more effective search engines, understanding human societies, and facilitating communication among people and with increasingly intelligent machines.

Research Area - Natural Languages Processing and Information Retrieval