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Office Location

440 Huntington Avenue
202 West Village H
Boston, MA 02115


  • MS in Computer Science and Engineering, La Sapienza, Rome – Italy
  • BS in Computer Science and Engineering, La Sapienza, Rome – Italy

About Me

  • Hometown: Rome, Italy
  • Field of Study: Data Visualization
  • PhD Advisors: Cody Dunne


Sara Di Bartolomeo is a PhD student studying Data Visualization at Northeastern’s Khoury College of Computer Sciences, advised by Professor Cody Dunne. Prior to joining Northeastern, she earned a master’s and bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering from La Sapienza in Rome. She is interested in making complex data more accessible and understandable, and in bridging the gap between creativity and technology.

What are the specifics of your graduate education (thus far)?

I graduated with a master’s degree from La Sapienza, in Rome.

What are your research interests?

I have been interested in both art and computer science since I was young, thus I am always looking for ways to bridge the gap between creativity and technology.

What’s one problem you’d like to solve with your research/work?

I want to give the ability to share information in a easier, more communicative way, and to open up more point of views in the data we have.

What aspect of what you do is most interesting?

I love that Data Visualization gives a scientific purpose to art and creativity. It makes complex data accessible, usable and understandable. Effectively conveying information requires a delicate balance of aesthetic form and functionality, and this is why it fascinates me.

What are your research or career goals, going forward?

I don’t know yet! I’d like to continue working in research.