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Prasad Saripalli

Part-Time Lecturer - Silicon Valley


Office Location

Northeastern University - Silicon Valley
6024 Silver Creek Valley Rd
San Jose, CA 95138

Mailing Address

Northeastern University
ATTN: Prasad Saripalli, 6024 Silver Creek Valley Rd
360 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115-5000

Research Interests

  • Distributed systems, cloud and virtualization
  • Health care machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence for health care


  • Post-doctoral fellowship, UT Austin ICES
  • PhD in engineering, University of Florida
  • Doctoral training in computer science ABD, University of Florida
  • MS in computer science, Washington State University


As vice president of data science at Edifecs, Prasad Saripalli helps design, build and deliver Smart Decisions ML & AI Platform with an App Store for Healthcare Payer and Provider. Prior to joining Edifecs, he served as chief technology officer and vice president of engineering at, which provides military-grade cloud security solutions.

He has also worked as the chief technology officer and executive vice president at ClipCard and as chief architect for IBM’s SmartCloud enterprise. He also served as principal group program manager on Microsoft’s client virtualization team, which was responsible for shipping Virtual PC on Windows 7, and as a dev manager on the Citrix group that built Citrix Presentation Server, now Citrix XenApp.

Prasad has a master’s in computer science from the University of Washington, doctoral training in engineering and computer science from the University of Florida and post-doctoral training from the University of Texas. He also serves as a professor of practice at the University of the Pacific’s data science department.

About Prasad

Where did you grow up?

San Francisco Bay Area

What is your research focus in a bit more detail? Is your current research path what you always had in mind for yourself, or has it evolved somewhat? If so, how/why?

I published work and patents in distributed systems, cloud and virtualization), as they relate to work experience at Citrix, Microsoft, and IBM Research. My research and teaching evolved from this experience.

What courses/subjects do you teach?

I teach the following courses:

  • Distributed Systems
  • Machine Learning and AI
  • Healthcare Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare
  • Cloud and Virtualization
  • Computational Science and Visualization

What do you enjoy most/find most rewarding about what you teach? Is there anything notable or unique about the kind of students that you teach?

The experience of teaching.