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Office Location

105-107 Forsyth Street
132E Nightingale Hall
Boston, MA 02115


Michael Weissbacher is a PhD student in the Information Assurance program at Northeastern University’s College of Computer and Information Science, advised by Professor Engin Kirda. A native of Vienna, Austria, Michael earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the Technical University of Vienna. Michael’s field of study is systems security, and he is in the Systems Security Laboratory (Sec Lab), located in 132E Nightingale Hall.


  • MSc, Technical University of Vienna – Austria
  • BSc, Technical University of Vienna – Austria

About Me

  • Hometown: Vienna, Austria
  • Field of Study: Systems Security
  • PhD Advisor: Engin Kirda

What are your research interests?

I had two main projects to date. One was a system for hardening JavaScript-based web applications against client-side validation attacks. The second project was a long-term study to determine challenges in Content Security Policy deployments that can prevent wide adoption.

What’s one problem you’d like to solve with your research/work?

My primary interest is hardening client-side applications in the presence of vulnerabilities.

What are your research or career goals, going forward?

Making the web a more secure platform.