Hi there.

From August 1999 till November 2001 I worked at BBN Technologies, Speech and Language Processing department. I worked on text understanding and information extraction technologies.

Before that I taught Computer Science at Northeastern University for two years, pursuing a combined Math/CS graduate program at the same time.

My thesis is in Algebra & Symbolic Computation and deals with algorithms on finite groups (permutation groups and matrix groups over finite fields).

I like fixing software that doesn't work exactly right. Being a Linux user, I can do it too :-) [I pity Windoze users -- they mostly have to put up with whatever M$ thinks is best for them]. Here are some of my little hacks for fellow Linux users.

I am looking for a new job:

My research interests:
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Is the computer and 'net revolution unstoppable? On the contrary, we are going to see a significant slowdown in innovation, due to
Links below this line remain from the time I was teaching at the NU College of Computer Science.
My LISP students: find a Windows LISP interpreter (xlisp by David Betz) here.

Here is a zipped "New Hacker's Dictionary" (as a Windoze help file). Don't confuse hackers and crackers. Read about the glorious early days when hackers organized hard drive races and programmed their LISP machines to call the elevator.

BTW, this version (3.20) is quite out of date. The latest version (4.10) is available at http://www.tuxedo.org/~esr/jargon/.

Some classes I used to teach at NU CCS: