Sergey Bratus

sbratus at, (617) 783-8293


Seeking a challenging R&D position.


I have a Ph.D. in Mathematics and an M.S. in Computer Science, my thesis was a joint Math/CS work. I have two years of experience with natural language processing and information extraction, both in research and implementation, including various XML technologies, database connectivity and web applications. I also have four years of Linux administration experience (and enjoy it).

I am interested in development of XML-based languages and protocols, information retrieval and semantic extraction techniques, NLP and machine learning, and applications of all of the above for Semantic Web. I am also interested in networking and UNIX systems programming, particularly from the security point of view.

Computer skills:

Programming: Perl, Java, C/C++, Lisp, Scheme, Python
Internet prog: HTML, JavaScript, CGI, modperl, Servlets, JSP
UNIX prog: Sockets, signals; GTK, libXML; awk, sed, bash
Applications: GAP ("Groups, Algorithms, Programming"), Mathematica, Maple
Operating sys: Linux, Solaris, Win2k, NT
Environments: GNU tools, gcc, gdb, jdk 2, Cygwin, RCS; Visual Studio 6, VC++ 5,6, J++, VSS
XML tools: XML/XSLT, Apache and MS XML DOM, Xerxes, Xalan
Databases: SQL, JDBC, Perl DBI, ADO and OLE DB, DBM; MS SQL Server, Postgres, MS Access
GUI: JavaScript, Visual Basic, Tcl/Tk


Ph.D. in Mathematics, M.S. in Computer Science, 1999,
Ph.D. Thesis: Recognition of finite black box groups. (Algebra, Symbolic Computation, Monte-Carlo methods), Northeastern University, Boston, 1993-1999

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (aka MIPT, "Phystech"), 1988-1993

Employment History:

BBN Technologies/Verizon, Speech and Language Dept. Scientist 1999-2001
Northeastern University, College of Computer Science Instructor 1997-1999
Northeastern University, Dept. of Mathematics UNIX system administrator 1997-2001
Northeastern University, Dept. of Mathematics Teaching Assistant, Instructor 1993-1996

Research and Software Engineering Experience:

Teaching Experience: Northeastern University, 1993-1999

System Admin Experience:

References available upon request.