Sergey L. Bratus

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Northeastern University, Boston, 1993-1999
   Ph.D. in Mathematics, 1999
   M.S. in Computer Science, 1999
   Ph.D. Thesis: Recognition of finite black box groups. (Algebra, Symbolic Computation, Monte-Carlo methods)
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (aka MIPT, "Phystech"), 1988-1993
Major: Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. Minor: Physics.

                         BBN Technologies/Verizon, Cambridge
Scientist, 1999-2001
  • Worked on automated Text Understanding systems, in particular on name and fact extraction from natural English text.
Designed and implemented:
  • Statistical and rule-based algorithms for NLP tasks such as parsing, name and descriptor finding and classification, coreference, pronoun resolution, summarization of natural English text.
  • XML-based architecture for processing and storing natural language documents.
  • XML and HTML-based visualization tools for processed natural language documents and training data.
  • Web front-ends and relational database back-ends for the above.
College of Computer Science, Northeastern University
Instructor, 1997-1999
  • Taught classes in C++/STL, Software Design, Data Structures.
  • Wrote and ported courseware to Win32 (Visual C++ 5,6 and Cygwin)
Department of Mathematics, Northeastern University
UNIX System Administrator, 1997-2001
  • Installed and maintained Linux-based servers.
  • Performed web site administration, developed custom web applications (CGI, Perl; Apache, Postgres and MySQL).
  • Maintained symbolic computation software (GAP, Macaulay2, etc).
Teaching Assistant/Instructor, 1993-1996
  • Taught Calculus and Discrete Mathematics courses.

OO Software design, NLP and XML-based technologies for semantic web search and indexing, XML-based web development, algorithms for Symbolic Computation.
(talks & posters)
  Summer School on Randomized Algorithms (University of Wisconsin, 1998)

DIMACS Workshop on Randomized Algorithms (Princeton, 1998) [program]

ECCAD (East Coast Computer Algebra Day): U.S. Naval Academy 1998,
  Northeastern University 1997 (acted as the local coordinator for Northeastern) 

  Experiments in Multi-Modal Content Extraction,
with L. Ramshaw, E. Boschee, S. Miller, R. Stone, R. Weischedel, A. Zamanian (BBN Technologies), Human Language Technology Conference 2001,, [PDF]

FactBrowser Demonstration,
with S. Miller, L. Ramshaw, R. Weischedel, A. Zamanian (BBN Technologies), HLT 2001, [PDF]

Fast constructive recognition of a black box group isomorphic to S_n  or A_n using Goldbach's Conjecture, 
with I. Pak, Journal of Symbolic Computation, vol. 29, 2000

On sampling generating sets of finite groups and product replacement algorithm, 
with I. Pak, ISSAC-99 Conference Proceedings

Constructive recognition of black box groups isomorphic to central extensions of PSL(n,q), 
with G. Cooperman, L. Finkelstein, S. Linton,  preprint

Recognition of finite black box groups,
(Algorithms for recognition of finite black box groups isomorphic to symmetric and special linear groups) 
Ph.D. thesis, Northeastern University, 1999

C++, C, Java, Perl (Unix, Win32), LISP, Scheme, Smalltalk

SQL and Transact-SQL (SQL Server 7), JDBC, ODBC, ADO and OLE DB


UNIX (Linux, Solaris), Windows NT, 2000

My projects and courses taught and taken while in Graduate School