This page is for the COM 1201 section of Sergey Bratus

Here are the Final Exam Preparation Problems. The code for Dijkstra's algorithm and other edge-list based stuff is here.

By popular demand, some other class examples are posted too (style has been largely sacrificed for simplicity and readability, so if you think this code sucks, you are probably right -- sorry).

So, look at my binary search tree dictionary (I used it to count words in "Alice in Wonderland"), an implementation of the heapsort algorithm, a test of simple hash functions, and a non-recursive solution to the Towers of Hanoi puzzle (illustrates a general method of converting recursive programs to non-recursive ones by using a stack).

Also here is the code for adjacency matrix algorithms (Warshalls, Floyds).

Here are the Midterm Preparation Problems.

Here are the Solutions for the Midterm.

Check out these Challenge Problems . Inventing an algorithm yourself is a hundred times more useful than seeing it in a book.

Class meets Mon, Tue, Thu 3:30 - 5:10 p.m. in 247 CN
The midterm exam will be on Thursday May 7, the date of the final exam will be announced later.

My office is 19 CN, ph. 373-5119. Office hours: Mon, Thu 5:20 - 6:00 p.m. and by appointment. E-mail me at to set the time.

The syllabus and the class schedule are available on Ambassador (the CCS Systems Mac file server) in my folder.

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