Skills & experience

Objective: I am seeking a challenging R&D position with a strong research component, possibly involving new web and/or XML tech, mathematical analysis of data, algorithm development. I would prefer a Unix environment.

I am close to expert level in Perl and Java, fluent in C/C++ and wrote extensively in Lisp and Scheme. I have 2 years of working experience with XML-based technologies, and am very interested in XML protocols/services.

I have experience with Perl CGI and Java servlets/JSP programming (including building sophisticated web front-ends to large relational DBs). I also have several years of experience as a Linux system and network administrator for a small academic network.

I have 2 years of Natural Language Processing research experience (statistical modeling, HMMs, rule-based learning, information retrieval techniques).

In the course of my Ph.D. I built symbolic computation software packages (I have degrees in math and computer science).

I would be especially interested in a job supporting bioinformatics research, web search and semantic web related jobs, or a computer & network security related job.