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Our innovative co-op program has connected employers and students for over 100 years—and can serve as a major source of talent for your company. Hire a Khoury College of Computer Sciences co-op student and get an intelligent, highly motivated, full-time worker for six to eight months. All while testing out a potential future employee.

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Co-op program benefits


Talent pipeline

Hiring Khoury College co-op students gives you the chance to mentor up-and-coming talent and gauge whether they have the potential to become your company’s future stars. In fact, two-thirds of Khoury undergraduate students are offered full-time positions by their co-op employers upon graduation.

Outstanding education

Khoury is academically challenging and one of the nation’s top schools for Programming Languages. Our interdisciplinary research and education programs produce thought leaders and career professionals ready to meet the demands of an evolving computer science landscape.

Student readiness

In addition to the significant work experience they gain through co-op, Khoury students are also involved in research, personal projects, and hackathons. Our students are driven to work and contribute as a full member of your team, and they’ve chosen Northeastern for the opportunity to do just that.

Extended employment

Most internships do not allow enough time for companies to train students so they can complete meaningful work. The Khoury co-op is different. You can employ our students full-time for six or eight months depending on their academic program.

Employer discretion

You have control over the process: choose who you want to interview, who you want to hire, and the type of work they’ll do.