Dr. Laney Strange (she/her)

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Director - Broadening Participation

Director - Teaching Faculty (Boston)

Recent and upcoming courses

DS2500 Intermediate Programming with Data ( Spring 2024 )

CS5002 Discrete Math (Align) ( Spring 2024 )

DS2500 Intermediate Programming with Data ( Fall 2023 )

CS1800 Discrete Structures ( Fall 2023 )

CS3000 Algorithms ( Summer 2023 )

DS2000 Programming with Data ( Spring 2023 )

CS180 Align Identity Seminar ( Spring 2023 )

CS1800 Discrete Structures ( Fall 2022 )

DS2001 CS Practicum for DS2000 ( Fall 2022 )


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Broadening Participation

I care a lot about diversity and inclusion in computer science. As Director of Broadening Participation, I work on making our classrooms inclusive and welcoming for students who have been historically underrepresented in computer science. (Lots more I want to do, too. The list below is a work in progress.)

Current/Recent Work Related to Broadening Participation



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My mission in life is to dismantle computer science's reputation as an intimidating and inaccessible field. I focus a lot on supporting and encouraging women and people of color in computer science. As a field, we have a long way to go with diversity and inclusion, and I want to contribute as much as I can to making computer science welcoming for everyone.


I've been lucky to have incredible teachers -- my first comp sci professor at Simmons College as an undergrad and my PhD advisor at Dartmouth College cared so much about teaching (and about their students) that it really inspired me to do more in computer science. I try to live up to their examples every day.

I didn't write a line of code until college, and to this day I don't write code for fun. But I love it as my job, and the fact that I haven't done it my whole life doesn't make me any less of a computer scientist. No matter when in your life you've tried some programming, or made a career of it -- doesn't matter. We all belong here.

Teaching Experience

  • Lecturer, Tufts University. Medford, MA.
  • Instructor, Girls Who Code Summer SIP. Chicago, IL.
  • Visiting Assistant Professor, Rhodes College. Memphis, TN.
  • Lecturer, University of Memphis. Memphis, TN.

Professional Experience

  • Interm Executive Director, Code Crew. Memphis, TN.
  • Standards Author/Co-Author, IEEE
  • Product Director, TechSoup. San Francisco, CA.
  • Senior Software Engineer, Amazon. Palo Alto, CA.
  • Research Engineer, H5 Technologies. San Francisco, CA.


  • PhD in Computer Science

    Dartmouth College

  • B.S. in Computer Science

    Simmons College

About Me

    With my husband Tom in Alaska, 2019. I ran the Anchorage Marathon and saw a moose!
    I run (very slowly) with a local running group in my neighborhood, the Dorchester Running Club. In my experience, runners are about the most friendly and welcoming group of people you'll find in any community.
    Dorchester Running Club
    With the Dorchester Running Club

    I have two dogs and will talk about them incessantly if you let me.

    Carol & Grizz Strange

    We also used to have a sweet, mellow bulldog called Tugboat. You might have caught a glimpse of Tugs if you've watched my lecture videos. He died in 2020 after many naps on our comfy couch.

    Tugboat Strange (2019)


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