Gene Cooperman

I do research in high performance computing and transparent checkpointing, including load balancing, support for newer architectures (e.g., GPUs), etc. First, some random pointers about me.

My office is in 336 WVH. My High Performance Computing Lab is in 370 WVH. The extension there used to be x7127. (phones being removed??)


Next, some random pointers of interest to me.

  • Budget Office (see especially "Policies and Procedures" -- unfortunately only in Microsoft Word)
  • Expense Reimbursement Policy (no per-diem; recepts strongly recommended for all expenditures)
  • Expense reimbursement: go to MyNEU/links, and on lower right, click on Concur for an online subsystem ("Recall" means "un-submit";
    Click on Expenses at top; "Create a New Expense Report" (icon); Will be in "Report Header", fill in and click "Next" at bottom; (can click on "Details" and choose "Header" to enter expense account #)
  • As of Jan., 2023: Accounts Payable forms (Finance) (online " Expense Reimbursement Voucher (Jan., 2023)" (For newer versions,
    pdftk A=tmp1.pdf B=tmp2.pdf cat A B1W output tmp.pdf
    (For older version, using the 2-year old OpenOffice 3.1 of Khoury: Menu: Format -> Page / Page / increase width/height to 9.3"/11.9" (page 1) and 13"/9.0" (page 2; set landscape) Menu: File -> export as pdf (choose "All sheets"); "export as pdf" allows one to preview in pdf; sometimes, printing directly from OpenOffice can work with large page format, but be sure to select "All Sheets" in print panel; Or else print each of the two sheets directly, and xerox onto double-sided.
    pdftk travelexpense.pdf burst; pdftk A=pg_0001.pdf B=pg_0002.pdf cat A BW output pg.pdf; rm pg_*.pdf;
    (If pdftk complains about input error on travelexpense.pdf from oowriter, then manually create pg_0001.pdf and pg_0002.pdf from inside oowriter or evince.)
  • In Europe, it's important to do a color scan of a document (with color letterheads). At Northeastern, we seem to have black-and-white scan only on the copiers. There is a color scanner in the library that is optimized for pictures --- and so it changes the white background of a printed page into black. (Or maybe it's a copyright protection thing.) Then be sure to "crop" on the library machine before e-mailing to yourself. Then use gimp with right-button on the image. Choose "Select/By Color", and select the gray background that the library produces. Choose "Edit/Fill with BG color" (which should then display as white).
  • Purchasing ( Procurement Card (personal credit card not allowed), Preferred Vendor, Travel, and MA State Tax Exempt Forms (incl. ST-2))
  • Information Services (central computer facilities, obsolete??)
  • ITS service portal
  • N.U. licensed software (click on "Software" tab at top)
  • eduroam
  • NUwave-guest
  • NUwave
  • Curricular Practical Training (part-time, on-campus CPT, etc.)
  • Customer service for LAZ parking (parking garage):
  • Human Resources Resources and Forms
  • Student employment (Part-Time Paysheets, etc.)
  • Khoury virtual desktops for Windows and Linux (use Khoury credentials; no longer supported??)
  • OLDER Khoury VDI virtual desktops for Windows and Linu (obsolete?)
  • How software patents hurt software innovation (also see When Patents Attack, from "This American Life")
  • Rob Reid: The $8 billion iPod

    In the early days of the Web, it was popular to set up some web pages that would index all of human knowledge. Here is the trichotomy that I chose for my own index. You are welcome to look more deeply into this tree of knowledge.

    Computer Science Info

    Tongue Twister Info

    General Info (non-C.S., non-tongue twister)


    The Blue Ribbon Online Free Speech Campaign
    The Blue Ribbon Online Free Speech Campaign!

    Gene Cooperman
    Khoury College of Computer Sciences, 202-WVH
    Northeastern University
    Boston, MA 02115
    e-mail: first name in lower case "at" ccs dot neu dot edu
    Phone: (617) 373-8686
    Fax: (617) 373-5121