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The power of your degree

The Health Informatics MS degree enables you to prepare for leadership and specialist roles in a range of health-related organizations. The program offers:

  • A tailored education to match students’ needs and experience with a Master of Science in Health Informatics or Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics.
  • The expertise of both Khoury and Bouvé College of Health Sciences, with faculty who are senior leaders in health informatics
  • Both on-campus and online courses are available to meet the needs of both working professionals and full-time students
  • Research opportunities and an academic pathway to the Personal Health Informatics PhD
  • Strong industry connections

Here’s what people have to say about the Health Informatics MS degree program:

“Northeastern is very advanced in their Health Informatics program. As an Align student, I was given the opportunity to enter an entirely new career path. The faculty offers extensive support and provides an amazing atmosphere to harbor the new knowledge and experiences gained throughout this program.”

– Kellie Leonce, MSHI 2017

“Northeastern’s Health Informatics Program was instrumental in helping me make the transition from a career in finance to a position in healthcare. The program is engaging and staffed with healthcare professionals that bring a real world perspective to the classroom. The Health Informatics program provided me with a greater awareness and appreciation for the ways in which technology has and will continue to enhance healthcare.”

– Debra Graves, MSHI 2018

“The Health Informatics program opened my mind to the infinite possibilities of change within healthcare. This program helped me make connections in and out of Northeastern, which resulted in a full-time job offer before my graduation. I would recommend this program to anyone who has the passion for initiating change within the healthcare field. If you want to better understand how and why things work the way that they do in healthcare, then this program will help you do just that.”

– Lauren Couture, MSHI 2018

Northeastern is an Academic Organizational Affiliate of HIMSS

HIMSS Academic Organizational Affiliate

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MS in Health Informatics Curriculum

Overview Program Requirements


View the complete list of Khoury courses during the Spring 2019 semester. Some graduate courses were added after the Northeastern’s 2018-19 course catalog was published.



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