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Karel Čapek: The Blue Chrysantemum

So, you see, my friend: because there was a sign ’Walking on the tracks is strictly forbidden’ none of us, not the gypsies, not even children, thought that someone would go there to look for blue chrysanthemum. Such is the power of a warning sign! Maybe, near the railroad switchmen houses there grow blue dandelions, or the tree of knowledge, or the golden fleece, but nobody will ever find it, because walking on the tracks is strictly forbidden and that’s it. Only crazy Clara went there, because she was an idiot and could not read.


" ’I know a cure for everything. Salt water.’
’Salt water?’ I asked.
’Yes,’ he said, ’In one form or another; sweat, tears or the salt sea.’ "
Isak Dinesen

The Power

Little drop of water
Little grain of sand
Makes the mighty ocean
And the solid land.

"Vertigo is not the fear of falling. It is the fear that you will be unable to overcome the urge to hurl yourself into the void. "
Milan Kundera

"A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for."
John A. Shedd