Version: 5.2.1


Introductory Computing: The Design Discipline
Viera K. Proulx
ISSEP 2011 Keynote pdf
Program By Design: Curriculum highlights with emphasis on ReachJava part.

Music in Introductory Object Oriented Programming
Viera K. Proulx
Constructionism 2010 pdf ppt html
Music and sound library for a novice Java programmer.

Unit Test Support for Java via Reflection and Annotations
Viera K. Proulx and Weston Jossey
PPPJ 2009 pdf
Design of a tool that supports unit testing in Java.

The Pedagogy of Program Design
Viera K. Proulx
DIDINFO 2009, Brusno, Slovakia pdf
Overview of TSRJ curriculum; Design Recipe principles.

Test-Driven Design for Introductory OO Programming
Viera K. Proulx
SIGCSE 2009, Chatanooga TN pdf
Focuses on the support for testing in Java.

Game Design in Object-Oriented Style: Data, Tests, Programs
Viera K. Proulx
Invited Talk: University of Wien, June 2008 pdf
Creativity and systematic design.

TeachScheme, ReachJava: Introducing OOP without Drowning in Syntax
Stephen Bloch and Viera K. Proulx
CCSCNE 2007, Rochester, NY ppt
A tutorial on TeachScheme/ReachJava.

How to Design Class Hierarchies
Viera K. Proulx and Kathryn E. Gray
SIGCSE 2006, Houston, TX; ECOOP Workshop 2005, Glasgow, UK pdf
Presents an overview of the HtDCH and of the ProfessorJ teaching languages.

Designing Programs – Understanding Data
Viera K. Proulx
Invited Talk: Vassar College, Poughkeepsie NY, November 2006 pdf
TeachScheme/ReachJava: the principles and the pedagogy.

Computer Science: Designing Programs for High Schools
Viera K. Proulx
Invited Talk: University of Wien, Comenius University, Bratislava, June 2006 pdf
TeachScheme/ReachJava pedagogy and software support.

Java IO and Testing Made Simple
Viera K. Proulx and Richard Rasala
SIGCSE 2004, Norfolk, VA ppt
Presents an overview of the use of JPT and JPF to support user interactions and simple testing.