Bit-level Analysis Tool, version 2

Download BAT

Before downloading, would you be willing to tell us a bit about you and your intended use of BAT? Send an email to with as much of the following information as you care to send.

BAT Version 2

Download and extract the BAT v2 source files and then perform the following sequence of steps.

  1. If using Mac OS X, make sure you aren't using clang, but that you are using gcc49. You can install it with homebrew. Make sure to follow the installation instructions here.
  2. Install swig, sbcl, cffi. Use whatever package management tool you like. Homebrew is a good option for installing swig and sbcl. You can find information on installing cffi here.

    You can use quicklisp to install cffi. Go here and follow the instructions. Here is a brief summary.

    1. Download quicklisp.lisp
    2. Start sbcl
    3. load quicklisp: (load "PATH/quicklisp.lisp")
    4. (quicklisp-quickstart:install)
    5. (ql:quickload "cffi")

    To load quicklisp when you start Lisp, use


    Or you can load quicklisp everytime you start with the command

    (load "~/quicklisp/setup.lisp")

  3. Under bat-v2-distribution/nice-sat-0.2:


  4. Under bat-v2-distribution/nice-sat-0.2/swig :


    If you're using Mac OS X the above may fail, so also do this:

    gcc-4.9 -shared NiceSat_wrap.o -undefined dynamic_lookup -o

  5. Copy

    • nice-sat-0.2/src/.libs/*.so and .../*.dylib
    • nice-sat-0.2/libs/picosat-913/.libs/*.so and .../*.dylib
    • nice-sat-0.2/swig/

    to the nicesat directory (depending on your OS you will have .so or .dylib files).

  6. Under bat-v2-distribution/nicesat :

    ./ BAT_FILE

    Try it with some of the files distributed with BAT in the benchmarks directory.

BAT Version 1

We currently have binaries of BAT for Linux or Mac OS X (PPC only) for download.

Download BAT by clicking on the following links.