Guevara Noubir

▬ Teaching Philosophy

A key feature of my teaching philosophy is to emphasize, whenever possible, the importance of theoretical concepts in enabling the new technologies that affect every day’s life. My goal in teaching is to entice students to ‘join the boat’, explore well-grounded problems, contribute to the progress of the domain and to maintaining a high level of creativity in the area. For the past few years, my strategy has been mostly applied to the fast evolution of wireless and security areas. Check some examples of what students could achieve in teams and competitions:

Demonstration of controlling drones using a brain wave signals (Spring 2011 as part of the SWARM-Extreme Course).

▬ Current Courses

  1. (Fall 2019) CS 4740 & 6740: Networks Security
  2. (Fall 2018) IA 8660: Research Project in National Information Security