CUBA: Interprocedural Context-Unbounded Analysis of Concurrent Programs

1. Download

The artifact is up on Github. You can use the following command to check it out:
git clone -b pldi
Note: The above command clones the pldi branch.

2. Installation

We have

x86 Linux x64 Linux x64 Mac OSX

Note: CUBA is being developed in C++11. Make sure that your compiler supports C++11 or above. CUBA has been successfully compiled with g++, clang and cygwin.

2.1 Install from source

The following assumes you have checked out the source code from GitHub.
cd bin
./cuba -h
You can use make clean to remove the object files. For a thorough cleanup, which also removes the executable, use make distclean.

2.2 Using the binaries

The Tutorial tab contains more details about running the tool.

3. Programmer's Guide

See here for the off-the-shelf programmer's guide in html format.

Generate programmer's guide

The documentation is automatically generated using doxygen. To (re-)generate the documentation, you must have doxygen installed on your machine. Assuming you have checked out the Artifact submission and entered the top-level directory,

  1. cd doc
  2. make
To remove the documentation, use
make clean