Fall 2004: 4.208
Designing Persuasive Environments and Technologies

Final Project, Paper, and Presentation 

These two documents describe the evaluation criteria for the paper and project: Grading the project; Grading the paper. Please read these very carefully and review the general grading policies. Your project should include ideas motivated from a variety of the persuasive theories discussed in class, all integrated into one coherent, interesting, and potentially effective system. 

Your paper must conform exactly to the CHI or Ubicomp full paper format. The paper will be evaluated exactly as if it were real submission (although I will place much less emphasis on the evaluation ... instead you just need to describe how the technology should be evaluated by others). Clarity, grammar, spelling, organization, etc. will all matter!

In our last class (extended until 8PM), you will have 15 minutes to present your project to the class and some outside visitors. I will be very strict about keeping you to this time period so practice and make sure you can cover your main points clearly without rushing! There will then be another 10 minutes of Q&A. Whenever possible, the presentations should include live demonstrations, videos, etc. designed to make a convincing case that the environment and/or technology will effectively motivate behavior change and that the technology has been designed to work based upon what people actually do (not what you assume they will do ... think back to the observation assignments). At the end of your presentation you ideally want the audience to be thinking things such as: 

Please hand-in:

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