Fall 2004: 4.208
Designing Persuasive Environments and Technologies

Final Project Grading Criteria 

For the final project, the final presentation and demonstration plus any supporting materials handed in will be used for evaluation of the ideas (e.g. videos, diagrams, flash programs, etc.) 

Max possible points: 285

25 The project should be aimed at developing a device or testing an idea that has the potential to solve an important, real problem. Evidence should be provided that the interface design has been thought through carefully with feedback from interviews with potential users. The idea should not depend upon unrealistic assumptions about the behavior of people in order to work as intended.  
50 The final presentation should include a description of the theories being used by the technology/intervention, where specific ideas from course readings/discussion are used to illustrate the general concepts. 
25 Clearly describes the technology/intervention. Details are not left out. 
25 Technology/intervention indicates a thorough reading of all course materials on the syllabus, including those not discussed in class but assigned. 
25 Technology/intervention shows an innovative use of ideas from the readings.  
10 Presentation flows with a logical structure.
20 Presentation/materials includes descriptive figures but not unnecessary figures.
20 Presentation flows: not too slow, not too fast, and within the time limit. 

For prototype projects where a working technology has been created: 

100 Demonstration of a fully-functioning prototype of the idea. How does it work? What is innovative about it? 
10  Description of how the prototype device was tested for adequate functionality and how it would ultimately be evaluated.. 

For experimental projects where an intervention is being tested: 

100 Clear description of hypothesis, experimental method, and statistical analysis of results. 
10 Description of next steps: given the results from the experiment, how would technology be used to improve your intervention with more time, money, etc.?  

For architectural design projects:  

100 Complete, coherent, and well documented (using renderings, sketches, interactive media samples) of the idea. How does it work? What is innovative about it? 
10  Description of how the space would ultimately be evaluated.. 

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