Paul E. Hand - Teaching


Courses I Lectured

Semester Course Page Institution
Fall 2021Machine LearningNortheastern
Spring 2021Deep LearningNortheastern
Summer 2020Deep LearningNortheastern
Spring 2020Special Topics in AINortheastern
Spring 2019AlgorithmsNortheastern
Fall 2017AnalysisRice
Spring 2017Signal RecoveryRice
Fall 2016AnalysisRice
Fall 2015AnalysisRice
Spring 2015Sparse signal recoveryRice
Fall 2014AnalysisRice
Summer 2014Multivariable CalculusMIT
Summer 2013Multivariable CalculusMIT
Spring 2013Computational Science and Engineering IMIT
Spring 2012Computational Science and Engineering IMIT
Fall 2008Ordinary Differential EquationsCooper Union
Fall 2007Quantitative ReasoningNew York University
Spring 2007Boundary Value ProblemsCooper Union
Fall 2006Probability and StatisticsCooper Union
Spring 2006Boundary Value ProblemsCooper Union
Fall 2005Ordinary Differential EquationsCooper Union

Online Resource for Multivarible Calculus

As a hobby, I built the website Leading Lesson that contains solutions to over 100 multivariable calculus problems. Each solution makes explicit the knowledge and thought process that students are supposed to use.

Thoughts on Teaching

My statement on teaching and learning discusses how ideas from the literature on learning have shaped the way I think about and teach math classes.