Gene Cooperman's Computer Science Information

Think of these pages as my current set of bookmarks, except that I've made them public, in case somebody else finds them useful.
The Blue Ribbon Online Free Speech Campaign
The Blue Ribbon Online Free Speech Campaign!

  • (free subdomains redirecting to dynamic DNS, and other (for fee) services)
  • Google Analytics: login and check map, if registered
  • The BatLab (Build and Test Lab, formerly NMI)
  • openSUSE Build Service (submit an openSUSE package, and it gets converted, built and tested for many Linux distributions)
  • Roomy sourceforge
  • DMTCP sourceforge
  • URDB sourceforge
  • CRIU
  • Checkpointing Ideas and Systems
  • Scalable Coherent Interface (SCI) (allowing fast remote memory access; largely superseded by InfiniBand, Myrinet, and iWARP)
  • Tutorials on DSM and other topics (by Veljko Milutinovic)
  • Bill McColl Home Page (Publications on making parallel programming more practical, BSP, chair of Oxford Parallel group (industry-academia))
  • patterns (Parallel Computing Laboratory, Berkeley, with Our Pattern Language (OPL) (for parallel patterns, from Berkeley and UIUC)
  • BRICS (Semantics of programming and parallelism)
  • Lecture Notes on "Advanced Programming Languages" (Andrew Myers, 2009)
  • Low-level Systems, Debugging, and Instrumentation tools
  • SAL - Parallel Computing Programming Languages and Systems
  • ACTS Tools (ScaLAPACK, PETSc, etc.)
  • Freely Available Software for linear Algebra on the Web (EXCELLENT: LAPACK, direct/iterative, preconditioners, sparse packages, BLAS, distributed solvers, etc.)
  • Supercomputing and Parallel Computing Resources (CMU and other)
  • Collectl (collect performance data for cpu, disk, memory, network, etc.)
  • The Berkeley NOW project
  • San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC)
  • National Computer Science Alliance (NCSA), Urbana-Champaign
  • NSF Center, NPACI (National Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure: archives)
  • (supercomputing center in France of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research)
  • OpenFabrics Alliance (infiniband et al.; including OFED software: Open Fabric Enterprise Distribution)
  • GloMoSim (network simulator based on Parsec, which is a parallel event simulator)
  • IBM C++ Compiler
  • X11 (X Windows)


    Data-Intensive Computing

    Symbolic Algebra Packages

    Researchers/groups/people with some interesting home pages (not an exhaustive list :-) )

    (to be continued)

    Online C.S./technical books

  • Sharp Keys: Many Windows laptops seem to place the up-arrow key exactly where the right-shift key should be. This makes it almost impossible to touch-type. To fix this, download Sharp Keys. See for an explanation about the Windows regostry..
  • Ways to Install Windows 11 (ways to install even if not compatible; at your own risk; if choosing "full install", possibly an option to revert to Windows 10 within 10 days)


    On-line C.S./technical courses

    C.S. Outreach

    On-line C.S. course syllabi

    Useful off-line books (not an exhaustive list :-) )

    (to be continued)

    Ordering technical books on-line

    Academic Journals



    GNU (GNU home page with search)

    Productivity Stuff for text manipulation

    Intro talks about Linux, LaTeX, and other UNIX tools.

    Linux ( Linux Home Page)

    Productivity Stuff for Linux

  • SEE ALSO Application equivalents - openSUSE
  • SEE ALSO Linux versions of Windows software
  • Annotated Guide to XML (by O'Reilly & Associates and Seybold Publications)

    Productivity Stuff for Windows

    Java, etc.

    HTML, etc.

    Distributed Computing

    PC/computer and trade magazines

    Other PC-related pages

    Professional Societies

    Some German societies

    Conference Calls

  • (with screen-sharing by organizer w/ their desktop app; 30-day free trial available; free web interface for non-organizers)

    Calendars of Upcoming Conferences

    Funding agencies

    Math, etc.


  • Links to other documentation
  • Request For Comments (RFC) Home
  • RFC (Request for Comments)
  • Cygnus library of free (GNU-related) documentation
  • Modem info (FAQ, etc.)
  • Overview of HTTP
  • IETF - Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) Working Group
  • SPEC benchmarks
  • Geekbench 5 benchmarks (for Macs)
  • Intellectual property (includes software patents, copyrights, etc.)