Computer Communications

Course Home Page for Spring 1996

Some useful tutorials and references to TCP/IP, Ethernet, and more.

  • Intro to TCP/IP. An old, but good introduction to TCP/IP. Recommended!
  • Intro to TCP/IP. (Same as above, but another site).
  • Intro to TCP/IP. (Yet another, simplified version of a TCP/IP tutorial).
  • Ethernet: Access to 10 and 100-Mbps Ethernet/IEEE 802.3 Information
  • The WWW Virtual Library: Computing, Networking. (Starting point for exploring many resources about networking topics.)

    On Unix, Linux, Sockets, and Ports:

  • UNIX Programming
  • BSD Sockets: A Quick And Dirty Primer
  • Operating Systems Term Project -- BSD UNIX Sockets
  • Welcome to Linux (Starting point for Web pages about Linux).
  • Perl Manual (Texinfo version) - Table of Contents

    Miscellaneous pointers to related topics, organizations and products.

  • What is The Internet?
  • SAIC Security - Security Documents
  • The IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking (A scientific journal in the area of networking.)
  • InterNIC Directory and Database Services Home Page
  • Spanning Tree Home Page
  • IP-Watcher Home Page

    Student Projects for Learning Communication Networks.

  • ATM, by Ronen Bitan
  • Ethernet, Token Ring and FDDI, by Shumski Valery & Belyavski Rimma