Fall 2011 CS5310 Computer Graphics

Assignment 2

Professor Harriet Fell


In this assignment, you will add reflection and transparency to your ray tracing program.

General description

Here are the stages for developing your program. You may choose to do them in a different order.

  1. Make your program recursive (See "recursive ray tracing" in your text). Until you add reflection or transparency, there will be no recursive calls.
  2. Add reflection and get it working properly. Make sure that your scene has at least one reflective sphere and that other spheres are placed where the viewer will see their reflections.
  3. Place a second reflective sphere in your scene and call on recursion (level 2, 3 or higher) so that reflections in reflections are visible.
  4. Add a bubble (non-refractive transparent sphere).
  5. Add a solid, refractive transparent sphere.

See Building a Ray Tracer - Page Two and Building a Ray Tracer - Page Three for sample images. Note that the small images on that page are links to larger images.

How to submit

Follow the turn in instructions.


By midnight Tuesday, October 18, 2011.


The usual grading guidelines apply for late work.

For the performance parts of this program:

Code, comments, ease of use - 30 points

Turn in:

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