CS5310 Computer Graphics - Turning In Assignments

Unless otherwise specified, follow these instructions to turn in each homework assignment.

  1. Make a directory D named “e_name_HWn” where For example, if the instructor were to hand in HW1, D would be “h_fell_HW1”. Put all files and subdirectories related to your assignment below D.
  2. Make a plain-text (ASCII) file D/README.txt, with the following contents:
  3. Using either a pkzip-compatible (e.g. zip on *nix) archiver or tar | gz, make a single-file archive of the directory tree under D, including D itself. The file should be named either D.zip or D.tar.gz, accordingly.
  4. In a separate temporary directory, test uncompressing your submission. Verify that the top-level directory D is contained in your archive. If the assignment included writing code, ensure that your instructions for both compilation and execution work on one of the standard computing environments within CCIS (see the platforms page for how we define this).
  5. Email your archive to t Email your zipped work as an attachment to with Subject: CS5310F2011-progn. Where n is the number of this homework assignment.

    Be aware that large attachments (greater than 25MB) will not go through.

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