Panagiotis (Pete) Manolios
College of Computer and Information Science
Northeastern University

Automating Component-Based System Assembly

Panagiotis Manolios, Gayatri Subramanian, and Daron Vroon.
International Symposium on Software Testing and Analysis (ISSTA-2007), 2007. © ACM


One of the ma jor challenges in the development of large component-based software systems is the system assembly problem: from a sea of available components, which should be selected and how should they be connected, integrated, and assembled so that the overall system requirements are satisfied? We present a powerful framework for automatically solving the system assembly problem directly from system requirements. Our framework includes an expressive language for declaratively describing system-level requirements, including component interfaces and dependencies, resource requirements, safety properties, objective functions, and various types of constraints. We show how to automatically solve system assembly problems using verification technology that takes advantage of current advances in Boolean satisfiability methods. We have implemented our techniques in the CoBaSA tool (Component-Based System Assembly), and we have successfully applied it to several large-scale industrial examples.

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