Northeastern University

Special Topics: Engineering LLM-Integrated Systems

Seminar in Programming Languages

Fundamentals of Computer Science 1

University of Massachusetts Amherst

Programming Methodology (COMPSCI 220)

Development of individual skills necessary for designing, implementing, testing and modifying larger programs, including: use of integrated design environments, design strategies and patterns, testing, working with large code bases and libraries, code refactoring, and use of debuggers and tools for version control.

Graduate Programming Languages (COMPSCI 631)

Course Description: COMSPSCI 631 surveys the principles of modern programming languages by implementation. Topics include building interpreters for several kinds of programming languages, type-inference algorithms, program analyses, and program verification. This course will conclude with topics that bridge to compilers and runtime systems, including program transformations and garbage collection.

Programming Languages (COMPSCI 497P)

The undergraduate section of COMPSCI 631

Programming Languages Seminar (COMPSCI 691PL)