What is VDI?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, or VDI, refers to the process of running a user desktop inside a virtual machine that lives on a server in the datacenter. Khoury Systems has deployed VMware Horizon View to provide remote-desktop capabilities to users using VMware’s virtualization technology to managed Khoury Windows and Linux virtual desktops.

Why use VDI?

VDI enables Khoury Students, Faculty, and Staff the ability log in to a Khoury-Managed Linux or Windows computer to access the same environments as if you were at a lab computer in WVH. Khoury Virtual Desktops can be accessed from anywhere on campus utilizing the VMware Horizon Client.

Connect to Khoury VDI

Khoury VDI can be accessed both on and off campus. If you are connecting off campus please configure the Northeastern VPN along with Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Access to the virtual desktop using your active Khoury Account can be achieved through the following method:

Already have the client installed? Use the following links to connect directly to our lab virtual desktops:

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