Acceptable Use

Access to the computer systems and networks owned or operated by the Khoury College of Computer Sciences imposes certain responsibilities and obligations, and is granted subject to University policies, as well as local, state, and federal laws. The University’s Acceptable Use Policy may be found at:

Information Technology Services – Policy On Appropriate Use Of Computer And Network Resources

Appropriate use of these resources is always ethical, reflects academic honesty, and shows restraint in the consumption of shared resources. It demonstrates respect for intellectual property, system security, and individuals’ rights to privacy and to freedom from intimidation and harassment.

Making appropriate use of the resources means:

  • Using resources only for authorized purposes
  • Protecting your computer account from unauthorized use. You are responsible and will be held accountable for all activities in your account.
  • Accessing only files, data, and network resources that are your own, that are explicitly publicly available, or to which you have been given authorized access
  • Using only legal versions of copyrighted software
  • Being considerate in your use of shared resources, including but not limited to disk space, CPU cycles, network bandwidth, and printer paper

In making appropriate use of the resources, you must not:

  • Use another person’s account
  • Attempt to decode passwords or exploit possible security holes
  • Engage in any activity that might be harmful to the systems or the data stored on them, or other computers that are connected to them, such as propagating viruses, removing systems files, or disrupting services
  • Use the College’s systems for personal material gain
  • Do anything that violates the above guidelines

The College considers any violation of appropriate use principles or guidelines to be a serious offense and reserves the right to copy and examine any files or information resident on College systems. Violators are subject to having their account disabled and/or disciplinary action as prescribed in the honor codes and the student and employee handbooks. Further, violations of some of the rules is a violation of state or federal law, and may be punished according to those laws.

Remember that the College provides these resources solely for coursework and research, and makes no guarantees about their availability. Using them is a privilege, not a right.


Khoury Accounts

As a student with a Khoury Major, Khoury Faculty or Staff member, a student enrolled in a Khoury course, or a Khoury minor you are entitled to a Khoury Account. Khoury Accounts for students are provisioned automatically based on Registrar data and disabled in accordance with University Policy.

Account Type Account Eligibility Account Disabled
Khoury Major/Graduate Student First day of first Khoury course 30 days after graduation
Khoury Minor First day of Khoury course 30 days after course ends
Enrolled in a Khoury course First day of Khoury course 30 days after course ends

Khoury Alumni Accounts

Khoury accounts are intended for students in enrolled in Khoury courses, declared majors, graduate students, faculty and staff. These accounts are persistent as long as the individual maintains his or her association with the college. Khoury accounts are deactivated 30 days after completion of a Khoury course or degree program. Accounts that are both active and absent from our course registration or degree program data provided by the Registrar will be deactivated and expired, including all alumni accounts prior to September 2015.

Mail forwarding

Mail forwarding from your account to your or is available with proof of usage in published papers. Contact to set up mail forwarding and include a link to the published paper for validation purposes.

Archiving your Khoury account

We strongly advise you to archive your Khoury account prior to deactivation. Using your preferred file transfer client, SFTP to to download the contents of your home directory.

If you are unsure of your account details, please visit to attempt the recovery process. Your recovery email address is likely your ccs email address (for accounts created prior to September 2015) or your husky email.

If your Khoury account was created prior to September 2015, you will also have a Zimbra account that you may archive. Please review KB0012148: Migrate your Khoury Zimbra Mail (PDF) to migrate your email before your account is deactivated and expired.

Alumni Resources

Alumni who graduated after August 2013 continue to have access to their email address and Gapps at Your username and password are the same used to access Husky Nation. All alumni who graduated prior to August 2013 can take advantage of our email forwarding service. All available alumni benefits can be reviewed at