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The software engineering group at Khoury College is dedicated to the advancement of reliable, maintainable, and adaptable software. Our team carries out research in program analysis, testing, modeling and design as well as investigating the human and social aspects of software engineering. Khoury’s long-term goal is to provide new insights into software and its applications to improve programmer productivity and overall software quality.

Areas of investigation:

Khoury is home to significant advancements in software engineering. One of our research group’s best-known contributions is the Law of Demeter, a software design guideline that has been one of the inspirations for the Aspect Oriented Programming paradigm. Group members were also very early contributors to object-oriented and aspect-oriented software design, and to the Semantic Web. Building off of our researchers’ foundational skill sets, PhD and Masters students gain deep knowledge in the multidisciplinary nature of software engineering while engaging in hands-on tasks.

Notable achievements:

  • Khoury researchers helped develop the operator interface for NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Mission.
  • The invention of the Law of Demeter and development of tooling to support the methodology.
  • The design of the first Aspect Oriented Programming system
  • The best-performing consistency checker for Web Ontology Language, the language of the Semantic Web.
  • The Distributed Multi-Threaded Check-pointing facility, a transparent check pointing tool, and Fast Reversible Debugger, an universal reversible debugger that uses a novel form of checkpoint restart.
Research Area - Software Engineering