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Saman Jafari

PhD Student


Office Location

105-107 Forsyth Street
132 Nightingale
Boston, MA 02115


  • MS in Information Security, Royal Holloway – University of London
  • BS, University of Plymouth – United Kingdom

About Me

  • Hometown: Tehran, Iran

What does your main research topic involve?

My research topic involves investigating memory errors including spatial and temporal errors that are typically observed in applications written using unsafe languages such as C/C++. There are plenty of solutions proposed in both the research community and also industry that aim to prevent the memory corruption vulnerabilities such as buffer overflow at the first layer of defense, or protecting the vulnerable application by detecting any unauthorized modification to sensitive data–for instance: code pointers, data pointers, or sensitive data. Moreover, hardware products are assisting such solutions to enable them to protect the applications at a lower cost by moving some of the expensive operations to the hardware. My primary focus is to investigate the software and hardware solutions and propose new methods to foster the security among the mentioned applications.