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Rebecca MacKenzie

Academic IT Coordinator


Office Location

440 Huntington Avenue
214 West Village H
Boston, MA 02115

Mailing Address

Northeastern University
360 Huntington Avenue, 202 WVH
Boston, MA 02115


  • BS in Computer Science & Mathematics, Northeastern University


Rebecca MacKenzie is an IT Academic Coordinator at Northeastern University’s Khoury College of Computer Sciences. She earned a BS in both Computer Science and Mathematics from Northeastern University. Prior to her position at Northeastern, Rebecca spent her undergraduate career as a tutor and Teaching Assistant for the Fundamentals of Computer Science course. Native of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, Rebecca has no problem with cold winters, and is experienced with New England’s unpredictable weather.

What are the specifics of your educational/career background?

I received my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics from Northeastern in 2016. I spent my five years as an undergraduate at Northeastern tutoring and working as a teaching assistant for the Fundamentals of Computer Science course and fell in love with the course and with teaching.

What are the key aspects of your role at Northeastern? What do you enjoy most about what you do?

I am responsible for coordinating the tutors and teaching assistants for the Fundamentals of Computer Science course as well as working with the professors to update the course content so that we teach new material every semester. My favorite thing to do is work with students because it is so rewarding when a concept clicks for them and you made it happen.

What’s the most compelling thing to you about the work that goes on at Khoury?

One of the reasons I am so excited about the Fundamentals course is because it really has a focus on teaching students how to think about programs rather than syntax or concepts specific to a particular language. I think that it’s important to teach students problem solving skills that they can use no matter what language they are programming in.

Where did you grow up or spend your most defining years?

I grew up in New England, moving between Massachusetts and New Hampshire. I can’t imagine ever wanting to move anywhere else and I am in love with our bitterly cold New England winters.