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Mansour Ahmadi

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Office Location

805 Columbus Avenue
660 Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering Complex (ISEC)
Boston, MA 02120


  • PhD, University of Cagliari, Italy

About Mansour

Where did you grow up?

Shiraz, Iran.

What are the specific areas of your graduate education?

I worked on the application of machine learning for Windows/Android malware classification systems, mostly by modeling neglected functions of malicious programs. Some of my work received awards from conferences, and others received media coverage.

What are your research interests?

Computer security has been something that I had in mind since 2007. However, my ideas have evolved during the past years and helped  to make my proposed security solutions practical.

What’s one problem you’d like to solve with your research / work?

The main problem that every security researcher aims to solve is making the world a safer place to live, and I am not an exception.

What aspect of what you do is most interesting?

Computer security is a challenging task. You can surprise others every time you detect a never-before-seen malware or an 0-day vulnerability.

What are your research or career goals, going forward?

I would like to propose effective and efficient intelligent approaches to detect malicious programs as well as vulnerabilities in any computing devices.