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Maggie G. Whitehead

Assistant Co-op Coordinator

Gordon, Margaret


Office Location

35-37 Leon Street
319A Meserve Hall
Boston, MA 02115

Mailing Address

Northeastern University
ATTN: Maggie G. Whitehead, Meserve Hall
360 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115


  • MEd in counseling psychology, Boston University
  • BS in business administration and management, Boston University

What are the brief specifics of your educational/career background?

I received a BS in business administration and management and MEd in counseling psychology from Boston University. I began my career in human resources, but found I wanted to work with students. So, I moved into higher education. Before coming to Northeastern, I worked at the Education Resource Center at Boston University. I started working at Khoury College in 2017 as an academic advisor and became an assistant co-op coordinator in 2019.

What are the key aspects of your role at Northeastern? What do you enjoy most/find most interesting about what you do?

I support students throughout their co-op process and teach the Professional Development for Co-op course. I work with our co-op employer partners to help them create a talent pipeline and strengthen their co-op programs. As the computer science industry continues to grow, I also cultivate relationships with dynamic companies to create new co-op opportunities. My favorite part of my role is helping students find positions that are a good fit for them and seeing the value they add for their co-op employers.

What’s the most compelling thing to you about the research/work that goes on at the College?

Technology is continually changing how we live and work, so I am very excited to work with the current and future innovators of the computer science field. Khoury students are very passionate and driven, and I am continually impressed by their accomplishments in the classroom and on their co-ops.