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Office Location

805 Columbus Avenue
660 Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering Complex (ISEC)
Boston, MA 02120


  • BS in Mathematics, Bridgewater State University
  • BS in Computer Science, Bridgewater State University

About Me

  • Hometown: Oak Bluffs, MA
  • Field of Study: Cybersecurity


Clifton Paul Robinson is a Ph.D. student in Northeastern University’s Cybersecurity program. His research interests involve algorithms and theory, data science, security and privacy, and systems and networking. More specifically, he is interested in security and privacy on the internet, especially IoT systems and considering and developing policy surrounding privacy and the Internet. Prior to coming to Northeastern, he studied Mathematics and Computer Science at Bridgewater State University.

What are the specifics of your graduate education (thus far)?

This is my first year as a graduate student. Just last spring, May 2018, I graduated from my undergraduate program at Bridgewater State University.

What are your research interests?

My research interests are based around the internet, focusing on questions such as: Is it secure? What is privacy anymore? More specifically, I’m interested in topics like IoT systems and policy surrounding the internet. I have always been interested in Computer Science, but over the past several years I have started to focus in on this topic because it was the most important to me.

What’s one problem you’d like to solve with your research/work?

I would love to help work on legislation that helps protect private information for the general public to make sure no information is being stolen or given away illegally.

What aspect of what you do is most interesting?

To me, I just love the learning I get from my research. We are conducting these projects to get a better understanding and getting a first-hand look is the best way to learn and understand what we are doing. I believe that the results will sometimes surprise people because it is not always the answer you want or expect, but it tells you what is going on with the research.

What are your research or career goals, going forward?

At the moment I see myself going towards a more government route for my career goals. I would love to end up being one of the main consultants for issues regarding cybersecurity and information assurance.

Where did you grow up or spend your most defining years?

I spent my childhood growing up on Martha’s Vineyard, one of the islands off Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

Where did you study for your undergraduate degree?

I studied at Bridgewater State University. I picked that program because it was a state school with an incredible community and it gave me the best opportunity to pursue my degree and help me grow as a student and leader.