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Ahmed Ezzat

Part-Time Lecturer


Mailing Address

Northeastern University
ATTN: Ahmed Ezzat, 6024 Silver Creek Valley Rd
360 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115-5000

Research Interests

  • Distributed systems
  • Data management
  • Machine learning
  • Big data analytics
  • Cloud computing


  • PhD in electrical and computer engineering, University of New Hampshire
  • MS in electrical and computer engineering, Cairo University
  • BS in electrical and computer engineering, Cairo University


Ahmed Ezzat has a long history of accomplishment in both the technology industry and academia. He has been an adjunct professor in computer science at Santa Clara University teaching graduate-level courses for the last 25+ years. He believes that teaching is a very rewarding profession as the reward can be very visible when you see your students excel and progress in their careers.

In addition, he held multiple senior executive positions for the last 15+ years, including vice president of data infrastructure at eBay, vice president and fellow at Yahoo!, chief technology and fellow at HP Cloud Division. He was also the senior vice president of engineering and chief technology officer at two technology start-ups, Velosel and

When he worked at Oracle as the senior director and architect, Dr. Ezzat architected and implemented the Oracle buffer cache to deal with SMP scalability and to provide better buffer management support to SQL runtime. This work resulted in providing unparalleled SMP scalability in the database market. He invented and holds the patent for the LLRU algorithm that was used in Oracle 7.3.

At Cray Research, where he worked as the section manager and architect, he led the NUMA T3D OS section. He has a patent on support multiple virtual page size to optimize performance in massive parallel processing NUMA platform. He delivered the T3D OS solution, which was one of the early commercial MPP NUMA platforms in the industry. After completing his PhD, he worked at Bell Labs Research as a member of the technical staff, and won the Arno Penzias Award for his NEST (NEtworked workSTation) contributions. NEST supported a unique model for processor sharing while maintaining autonomy and privacy, and was used internally at Bell Labs Research.

He also has has many publications, patents, technology awards, and inventions that are recognized at the industry-level and has chaired sessions in technical conferences.

About Ahmed

Where did you grow up or spend the most defining years of your childhood?

Cairo, Egypt.

What courses/subjects do you teach?

  • Advanced Operating Systems
  • Advanced Database
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Compiler Design
  • Web Services and Programming

What do you enjoy most/find most rewarding about what you teach? Is there anything notable or unique about the kind of students that you teach?

Most rewarding is to see my students succeed after graduating in landing to good jobs as a result of the courses they took in school.

What are the specifics of your industry experience?

I have been in the software industry for more than 30 years. I had many accomplishments, including inventions at Bell Labs, Oracle, HP, Yahoo, and eBay, as well as many patents and publications.