Zahra Jafargholi PHD Northeastern

About Zahra

PhD Student at Northeastern University

I work with my advisor, Daniel Wichs at College of Computer Science and Information at NEU. I'm interested in information theoretically secure cryptographic primitives. My recent work was on constructing a new adaptively secure Circuit Garbling scheme. My previouse works include constructing Tamper detection codes and using nested hybrid arguments to improve security analysis of generalized selective decryption games.


Adaptively Secure Garbled Circuits from One-Way Functions

Under Submission | Brett Hemenway, Zahra Jafargholiy, Rafail Ostrovsky, Alessandra Scafuro, Daniel Wichs. | ePrint

A Quasipolynomial Reduction for Generalized Selective Decryption on Trees

Crypto 2015 | Georg Fuchsbauer, Zahra Jafargholi and Krzysztof Pietrzak. | PDF

Tamper Detection and Continuous Non-malleable Codes

TCC 2015 | Zahra Jafargholi and Daniel Wichs. | ePrint

Amplifying Privacy in Privacy Amplification

Crypto 2014 | Divesh Aggarwal, Yevgeniy Dodis, Zahra Jafargholi, Eric Miles and Leonid Reyzin. | ePrint

3SUM, 3XOR, Triangles

Algorithmica | Zahra Jafargholi and Emanuele Viola. arXiv