CS U232 Sp '09

Honors Freshman Seminar 2

Course Objectives: The overall goal of this course is to explore a computer science topic not covered in the freshman courses, that will broaden your view of computer science and introduce important concepts that will be studied in a greater depth in more advanced courses.

Course Plans: The topic of this semester is distributed computing, specifically, learning how to design the behavior and of a client and a server and the communication between them over the distance (e.g. the Internet). To make the concepts more concrete, we will design a game that will be played between two or more teams.

When designing the game, you will be able to explore some ideas from the field of artificial intelligence, specifically when designing your client's playing strategy.

Prerequisites: The course assumes a basic familiarity with the systematic design of programs and some mathematical maturity. It also demands curiosity and self-driven exploration.

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