I strongly believe in the value of open-sourcing both research and personal projects. I publish under permissive licenses, and I encourage anyone interested to create pull requests or create issues for improvements.

Research Code

Here is a collection of projects that correspond with published research artifacts:

  • dice: A probabilistic programming language for discrete probabilistic programs.
    Webpage / GitHub / Paper
  • orbitgen: Lifted inference for discrete factor graphs.
    GitHub / Paper

Small Projects

I like to program something if I’m trying to learn about something new. These implementations are provided as-is, and I hope that they have educational value for others.

  • rsdd: A decision diagram implementation in Rust.
  • rs-perm: An implementation of randomized Schreier-Sims in Rust.
  • lll-sample: An implementation of the partial rejection sampling of Guo et al.