Sample Word Exam

You will have 30 minutes for this exam, please be considerate to your fellow students waiting outside until you're done. Practice well!

In this exam, you will be asked to format an article from TIME magazine. You will receive on diskette a partially formatted text, and a list of instructions to complete the page.

Please read the instructions carefully, if you have doubts regarding the instructions, please clarify them with your instructor or proctor.

The raw, partially edited exam will be on your diskette. Don't forget to bring one to class on Monday!

Along with the instructions, you will also have a print-out of the final version of what your file should look like after you have finished formatting the file according to the instructions. Refer to this print-out often to check to see if you are on the right track.

Both the raw text and the final version of the sample test are linked to this document. See below.

Make sure you save your work periodically on your diskette. DO NOT print out your final document.

Good luck.

Formatting Instructions:

  1. Create an Outside Border around the first line, using 3/4 pt single line style, add 10% Shading.(use the border toolbar) (10 points)
  2. Change the First Line indent to 2 inches, for the second paragraph "From Seattle to Orlando....." (10 points)
  3. Insert an Left Align Tab Stop at the 4 inch mark for "By JOHN GREENWALD", then left align "By JOHN GREENWALD" at 4 inch. (10 points)
  4. Add Diamond Bullets for all the lines started with "Las Vegas", ended with "Bio-tech, construction". (10 points). To choose Diamond rather than usual bullets use the Format/Bullets and Numbering menu after you have selected the paragraphs to be bulleted.
  5. Highlight the paragraphs "Want a job? ...he says." and format these paragraphs to show in two columns. (10 points)
  6. Drop cap the first paragraph in column 1. ( Refer to the final version you have.) (10 points) Use Format/Drop Cap menu item.
  7. Insert a Footnote at the end of "5 OF THE HOTTEST FIELDS" that says "Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics"(10 points)
  8. Convert the last six lines ( from "Fields" to "24300") to a table. ( Use Table->Convert Text to Table, or create a new table and drag the text items into it.) (10 points)
  9. Apply table autoformat "Grid 5" to the table.( Use Table-> Table Autoformat) (10 points)
  10. Add a Footer to the document that says "page <page-number>" on the left and "This document is formatted by <your first name>" on the right.(10 points) (To edit Headers and Footers use View/Header and Footer in Page Layout view)
  11. Save your document as "word exam - final product" when you're done. (your work cannot be graded without being save onto the diskette.)

That's It! Before you turn in your Diskette, re-check to make sure that the file is saved on your Diskette.

Follow this link to open the Raw Text.

Follow this link to see what the Resulting Text should look like.