Preparing for Test 1.

The "A+" questions in the textbook are your best guide. Please pay attention to the screenshots where they leave filling in the blanks to you! Unfortunately, there are no questions for the Internet part.
You may want to print out this page for reference. Please feel free to ask questions!

1. Computer hardware:

Please keep in mind that the purpose of computers in your textbook is defined as Input, Output, Processing and Storage of information. We might add Communication to this list. For each item in the following list you must be able to answer the following two questions:


Refer to your Homework 1 and the first chapter of the textbook. The list of topics follows.

2. Windows 95.

What You Should Know About Windows-95:

Intricacies of the file system:

Suppose that on your floppy you have the folder called Com1105, inside it a folder called HW1 and inside the latter a text file called Monday. Then the complete path name (the full name of the file from the point of view of the system) is


Refer to your textbook, the chapters on Windows95 and Windows Explorer. IMPORTANT: Do the "In the Lab" activities in these sections!

3. The Internet.

What You Should Know About the Internet:

This page is at

where is the name of the computer that acts as server, and the rest is the path to the actual source file test1-prep.html of this page through various folders. See if you can identify all of these in the above URL. Practice with other URLs. Browse the Web outside the US and determine where those pages are located.