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This is simple Web page to demonstrate the use of lists, hyperlinks, inline images and other bulding blocks of a web page. Click on View ==> Source in the Internet Explorer to see the actual HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) commands.

This is a hyperlink to the web page of the College of Computer Science. Bring your mouse pointer over it to see the destination the lynx points you to. Hyperlinks are usually underlined and change color when you have followed them before.

You can make your text appear in bold or italic , or in different header sizes:




Even colors are possible! Don't forget to turn it off.

You can make lists like this (handy for resumes or lists of favorite things):

  • My item 1
  • My item 2
  • My item 3
You can include a small in-line picture like or a larger picture (say, of your favorite movie character:)

or a couple of GIF animations, cute or ugly .
To "steal" a picture from someone's webpage right-click on it and choose Save Image As from the pop-up menu.

Notice that you can combine the above primitives, so that your image can serve as a hyperlink, like this:
Check out what's !

If you want people to give you feedback on your page, link it to your e-mail address:
Drop me a note at: