COM1105 Excel Quiz

General Instructions:

Please follow the following instructions carefully. If you have any doubts regarding these instructions, please clarify them with the instructor. A sample print-out of the final version of what your file ought to look like after you have finished is attached.

  1. Insert Row before the first row. In cell A1(now blank) type the title "Infosys Computer Solutions". (5 pts)
  2. Center both the title in A1 and the subtitle in A2 across columns A:E. Change their font size to 14 and bold. Also change the font colors of the title in A1 and the subtitle in A2 to red. (10 pts)
  3. Change the font style of the title in A1 to Arial Black and change the first letter of each word to font size 24. (5 pts)
  4. In the cells E4 through E12, calculate the average price of each component. In range B13:E13, calculate the sum of each computer system together with average prices. Use the Fill Handle for this task. (10 pts)
  5. Apply the cell style currency with no decimal to the numbers in the range B4:E13. Adjust column width of columns B through E to fit all data in each column. (10 pts) (Hint: select the cells and use Format/Cells)
  6. Apply the Format/AutoFormat "3D Effects 1" to cells in the range A3:E13. (10 pts)
  7. In B15, calculate the percent price difference of "P5 Ruby" with respect to the average system price in cell E13 by calculating the formula (B13-E13)/E13. Similarly, calculate the formula (C13-E13)/E13 in C15 and (D13-E13)/E13 in D15. (10 pts) (extra credit 5pts: use absolute addressing for E13 in each formula)
  8. Apply % style with no decimal digits to the numbers in the range B15:D15. (5 pts)
  9. Now you are going to create a chart for comparing base system prices against total prices. Refer to the sample print-out when in doubt. (25 pts)
    1. Select the corresponding cell ranges for base system prices and total system prices together. (Make sure that you select appropriate row headings and column headings so that your chart gets labeled properly.) (Hint: the cells you should select are A3:D4, A13:D13. Notice that these are non-adjacent. How does one select non-adjacent cells?)
    2. Use the Chart Wizard to draw a chart in the range A17:E40.
    3. step1: If you made your selection correctly, you can proceed on to the next step.
    4. step2: Select 3-D column chart.
    5. step3: Use format 6.
    6. step 4: Use 1st row and 1st column for your labels.
    7. step5: Type "Base vs. Total Cost" as a chart title, then finish.
  10. Change the font size of the chart title to 18 pts and font color to blue. (5 pts)
  11. Change the color of the "Total" column in the chart to green. (5 pts)
  12. Re-name your Sheet 1 "Infosys Solutions". Insert your name into the header of the sheet (use File/Page Setup or ask the Help/Answer Wizard) (5 pts)

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