Macro Stepper

The macro stepper is a new DrScheme tool for debugging macros. It shows macro expansion as a sequence of rewriting steps, where a step is either a single macro transformation or an operation performed by a primitive syntactic form. The graphical display lets the programmer investigate binding and source properties of the syntax involved in expansion.


The macro stepper is part of the DrScheme distribution, starting with DrScheme 360. You do not need to take any additional steps to install the macro stepper.

Currently, the macro stepper only works on the following language levels:

If you don't see the macro stepper button, check to make sure you have selected one of the language levels listed above.

Using the macro stepper

The macro stepper is a tool that operates on the contents of the Definitions window, like the Check Syntax tool.

Read the tutorial for an illustrated introduction to the macro stepper's basic operation.

Then read the manual for information on the macro stepper's advanced features.

Bugs, feature requests, and feedback

Report bugs using the Help Desk: Under the Help menu, click "Submit Bug Report."

Or contact me directly at ryanc at ccs dot neu dot edu

Watch this space for descriptions of known bugs and workarounds.