Workshop Paper: Scalable Garbage Collection with Guaranteed MMU

Felix presented Regional Garbage Collection at the Scheme Workshop 2009. The 20 minute presentation was barely enough time to present the design ideas. The paper provides:

The abstract:

Regional garbage collection offers a useful compromise between real-time and generational collection. Regional collectors resemble generational collectors, but are scalable: our main theorem guarantees a positive lower bound, independent of mutator and live storage, for the theoretical worst-case minimum mutator utilization (MMU). The theorem also establishes fixed upper bounds for space usage and collection pauses.

Standard generational collectors are not scalable. Some real-time collectors are scalable, while others assume a well-behaved mutator or provide no worst-case guarantees at all.

Regional collectors cannot compete with hard real-time collectors at millisecond resolutions, but offer efficiency comparable to contemporary generational collectors combined with improved latency and MMU at resolutions on the order of hundreds of milliseconds to a few seconds.

Presentation slides: klock-rgc-schemeworkshop-2009-slides.pdf.

The paper (preprint version): William D Clinger and Felix S Klock II. Scalable Garbage Collection with Guaranteed MMU. In the Proceedings of the 2009 Workshop on Scheme and Functional Programming, Northeastern University, 22 August 2009, pages 14-25.

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