Logic and Computation
CS 2800 Spring 2017

College of Computer and Information Science
Northeastern University

This course provides an introduction to formal logic and its deep connections to computing. Logic is presented from a computational perspective using the ACL2 Sedan theorem proving system. The goal of the course is to introduce fundamental, foundational methods for modeling, designing and reasoning about computation, including propositional logic, recursion, induction, equational reasoning, termination analysis, rewriting, and various proof techniques. We show how to use logic to formalize the syntax and semantics of the core ACL2s language, a simple LISP-based language with contracts. We then use the ACL2s language to formally reason about programs, to model systems at various levels of abstraction, to design and specify interfaces between systems and to reason about such composed systems. We also examine decision procedures for fragments of first-order logic and how such decision procedures can be used to analyze models of systems.

The prerequisites are a basic familiarity with functional programming (CS 2500) and discrete structures (CS 1800). If you do not have this background, you need the permission of your instructor.

Students taking the class are required to check Piazza for announcements daily.